Hi, I’m Olivia.

I’m the online influencer and writer of this blog, I am a Virgo, a wife, an Interior Designer & a seeker of all things chic! Here you will find all things life and style! See my favorite outfits, my styling process, where I shop, eat, travel, and play! Learn about all of my favorite interior design trends, and how I implement them in my own home!

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More about me!

I grew up in Connecticut and went to college in Brookline, Massachusetts, which is just a few D line train stops away from Boston. Emerald and Onyx is my outlet to blend my past two home towns with my new one, Portsmouth, New Hampshire…well Brookline wasn’t technically my “home town”, but when you lived there for five years you consider it your home, all three places will always have a piece of my heart and my creativity.

In college I studied Interior Design, so of course I have to express my creativity on the blog. You’ll see me share all my favorite design inspirations and see what I am brave enough to try in my own home! Current obsession gingham, and buffalo check.

I’ve always had an overwhelming interest for fashion, it’s been my thing since I can remember! When I was little I remember having shoes in my closet for “special occasion” you couldn’t wear them unless you had a dress on! I was obsessed with penny loafers, I had to have a pair, and as soon as I got them I stuck a penny right in the front! I can remember my little floral dresses with matching mini cross bodies, and I can’t forget my favorite Chanel inspired cream skirt and blazer that I wore to my first Father Daughter Dance! I was so chic! As I’ve grown older I’ve gone through many style phases, likes and hates, and this trend is like a cycle it never changes. There is always something new to obsessed over, and something new to give a rest. My style is always transforming, so there is never a dull moment!  From my fashion moments, to fashion trends, and the inspirations I use to pull it all together, I’m glad to have an outlet to share it all with you.

I’m not just an Interior Designer, I’m a wife, a mother to my fur baby Sebastian, a chef in my own right, a lover of travel and exploration, a fan of fitness and healthy lifestyle practices, a basic beauty activist *keep it simple*, a lover of long hair, and major stationary junkie; why make a list if it isn’t on cute paper?

Follow me in learning the life of blogging and cultivating my own way to share it all!

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